Core Values


At TLSG, we strive to develop trusting relationships by being honest, matching our behaviors to our words, and taking responsibility for our actions. Truthfully representing our capabilities and only making promises which we can deliver, is paramount to the way we conduct our relationships with both our clients and our team members.

Client-Centric Services

Our clients’ interests always come first, even when it means more work on our part. We strive to be responsive, consistently deliver high value to our clients, and conduct our client relationships with the highest level of professionalism. As a result, TLSG builds client loyalty and long term relationships -- the foundation of our reputation and success.


We endeavor to achieve and maintain the highest standards. Understanding that the “devil is in the details,” our goal is to ensure that our work is done right the first time and that we consistently produce accurate, thorough, top quality work. Given the choice, TLSG would rather be the best than the biggest.

Positive Attitude

We recognize that a positive attitude motivates all of our team members to do our best for our clients, regardless of the challenges. We choose to always engender a positive attitude in order to serve as a role model for all our team members and to make coming to work enjoyable for everyone. We know that a positive attitude can be contagious and consequently reduces employee turnover and maintains consistency in client relations.


We are committed to our clients, our team members and our core values. We recognize that without highly satisfied clients we do not have a business. We further recognize that our team members are our most valuable asset.

Investing in our team members’ professional and personal development, and recognizing and rewarding their dedication to our clients, our values and our company, demonstrate TLSG’s commitment. Conversely, we expect our team members to take pride in the work they do and to be proud of where they work -- demonstrating that they too are invested in the growth and success of TLSG.