State of the Art Solutions

It is critical to utilize automated systems to effectively identify and recover unclaimed assets for Fortune 1000 companies, due to the vast number of search terms associated with these businesses. Fortune 1000 companies often have hundreds of subsidiaries and a lengthy history of mergers and acquisitions, making it virtually impossible to comprehensively identify unclaimed property without the support of automated search technology.

Corporate Asset Recovery System (CARS©)

TLSG has developed an industry leading proprietary solution to maximize the identification and recovery of unclaimed assets belonging to our clients. TLSG’s Corporate Asset Recovery System (CARS©) is a technology designed to conduct automated unclaimed property searches by inputting client-specific search terms, then comparing those search terms to our proprietary database. TLSG’s proprietary database is comprised of millions of unclaimed property records, including, but not limited to, property held by state abandoned property offices, bankruptcy courts, federal, city, and county agencies, and corporations.

Intelligent Data Analysis (IDA©)

CARS© applies Intelligent Data Analysis (IDA©) to our clients’ search terms, enabling us to identify property that, because of data irregularities such as misspellings, abbreviations, and terms appearing in data fields other than “owner name”, could not be located in a manual search. TLSG’s proprietary solutions allow us to identify property that would not otherwise be discovered, and maximize the amount of assets that we can recover for our clients.